Health & Wellness Infographic Reveals "5 Ways to Get Your Family Moving, Thinking and Playing"

Active play toy company, OgoSport, releases infographic to help families engage in creative play

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 — How can families stay healthy and active when only ONE IN FIVE homes have parks or recreation centers within half a mile, when less than 5% OF ADULTS engage in 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and when a growing number of children spend each day in front of a screen for OVER 7 HOURS?*  These are scary statistics on the general state of health and wellness in the United States, but don’t be discouraged!  Our motto at OgoSport is “Oh go outside!” and we’ve got some helpful tips and an infographic to encourage EVERYONE to participate in active and creative play.

Here are 5 Steps to Ogo-fy Your Family’s Health:      

1. Start an active family PLAY night: A little friendly competition never hurts!  Challenge your family to games like water balloon launch, a (pillow) sack race, jumping jacks, a three-legged relay, or even an OgoDisk flux ball toss.     

2. GROW a vegetable garden: There’s nothing healthier than eating your veggies.  Why not grow them, too?  Plan, dig, plant, and taste the rewards of your labor. 

3. Try out a new MOVE: Take a break from your old workout routine and spice things up with CrossFit, Piloxing, SkyRobics, or – one of our faves – OgoDisk Golf.   

4. Go on a fitness scavenger HUNT: Instead of finding something to collect, do something active.  Run around trees; jump over puddles, walk across a sidewalk curb without falling off, lift a huge rock, or stretch up to touch a stop sign.     

5. Just RELAX: Health is more than just exercise and eating right.  Rest and relax your body by taking slow, deep breaths.  Your mind and body will thank you. 

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