OgoSport Introduces JABBIT, The World's First Outdoor Game of 'Sling and Jab'

JABBIT, described as 'Lacrosse on a stick'; set to debut at the 2016 New York Toy Fair

Winner of the 2016 National Parenting Center’s “Seal of Approval”, OgoSport's JABBIT is the first outdoor game of "sling and jab", a new play pattern inspired by the traditional "toss and catch" format. This new play pattern paired with the unique design of JABBIT's launcher/thrower-in-one and open-framed sphere ball offer something totally new for 2016.

"JABBIT is kind of like Lacrosse on a stick," noted OgoSport co-founder Kevin Williams. "You'll find it curious when you watch others play it, but you won't really understand the true joy it brings until you actually give it a go and start slinging and throwing."

JABBIT will be sold in a 2-person pack consisting of 2 throwers (colors: Dandelion Green and Sky Blue), and 1 ball (color: Tangerine Orange).

JABBIT is the latest creation from a company that has a design mandate to consider play-value on par with salability. That philosophy has led to OgoSport becoming a perennial winner of many of the top parenting, kids choice, toy, and design awards for their creations, and has propelled the company's product line into over 1500 specialty toy stores throughout the United States and over 40 other countries.

Continued Mr. Williams: "After we started testing early prototypes of JABBIT we quickly realized that it wasn't just for kids ages 6+ but actually for adults as well -- kids can sling the ball underhand 10' ft or less at a slower speed, but adults can also sling the ball overhand 20'-30' ft at a faster speed. We designed the material of the launcher/thrower and ball from a durable and flexible plastic that is easy to assemble and will stand up to the rigors of outdoor play."

JABBIT will be available online and in stores March 1, 2016 with an MSRP of $17.99.


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Founded by designers Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams to promote active play for people of all ages, OgoSport has developed and launched countless outdoor and construction-oriented toys like their popular OgoDisk(featured in the Smurfs movie) and their new OgoBILD Animate, stop-motion animation kit. Over the past few years, OgoSport has expanded to over 2,000 stores in the US and 40+ countries across the globe.

In addition to growing a loyal following of consumers who share in the company's open play philosophy, OgoSport products have also won the attention of the toy industry with awards such as the Parents Choice Award, TillyWig Awards, Dr. Toy Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council, The National Parenting Center Award, and NAPPA Award. For more information, visit www.ogosport.com.

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