OgoSport Launches New Outdoor Toy and Animation Innovations at Toy Fair 2014

Ogo Parker and Beacher Activity Mats Join Aero Zipp in Active Play Debuts; OgoBild Animate Activates Budding Filmmakers

Sunday, February 16, 2014 — Creators of the OgoDisk, one of the most beloved and best selling independent toys of all time, OgoSport announces the launch of three new outdoor play innovations at Toy Fair 2014.

Toy Fair Introductions are as follows: 

Aero Zipp

  • A ball launcher that launches a specialized foam ball over 200 feet, Aero Zipp is sure to be a hit. Using scientific principles and design elements, the innovation team at OgoSport leveraged the Magnus effect to create a ball that almost moves as if it has a propeller. 

Play Mats 

  • Ogo Parker is a game mat but it's also perfect for picnics! 
  • Ogo Beacher comes with specilized "soaker balls" that bring the ocean 

Both Mats come with totes for easy storage and transport and mat graphics carry endless game creation possiblites. 

OgoBild Animate

  • The OGOBILD team worked with the team at Aardman (producers of the Wallace and Gromit series) to bring OGOBILD creations to life. Using a special edition animation suite, kids and parents alike can create creations and place them in any scene one can dream! When the video is done, share with family and friends. 

Copter Darts

OgoSport Volos


Ryan Kristopher OgoSport