TOY FAIR INVITATION -- OgoSport Reveals First Look on New Toys for 2015 Spring/Summer Lineup

'Batapult' and 'AeroZipp Disk' among new toy offerings by the Brooklyn-based toy maker

OgoSport, the Brooklyn-based toy maker behind the OgoDisk, is revealing today two new products that will officially launch to retailers at Toy Fair 2015 in NYC and will be part of their 2015 Spring/Summer offering:

1) Batapult -- a new take on the traditional baseball bat, incorporates a hinge in the middle of the bat which creates a pivoting action during the swing, sending the ball flying up 200 ft.

2) AeroZipp Disk -- a disk launcher that sends flying disks over 175 ft whistling as they glide through the air.


The design of Batapult brings a new experience to the game of baseball as well as creates the same striking force as a standard bat but with much less effort. Children ages 6+ can use the bat's catapulting action to strike the ball and send it flying up to 200 ft. Batapult is constructed of durable plastic and comes with a dimpled polyethylene foam ball.

Since the hinging action happens above the handle, children don't need to be as strong to swing the bat because some of the strain is eleviated, making it easier.

Batapult's unique design moves the bat weight closer to the grip- which makes the bat feel lighter during the swing. The result is faster swings with much less effort.


AeroZipp Disk is a flying disk launcher for children ages 6+ than can launch disks over 175 ft. The disks are made of a flexible, plyable plastic with a whistle chamber built in so they whistle as they glide. The disks can be thrown back and forth between players by hand or using the AeroZipp Disk launcher.

Another key feature of the AeroZipp DIsk is the "Launch Activator", a trigger that sets the AeroZipp launcher in three different positions for catching, throwing and storing.


Headquartered in The Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY, OgoSport designs award-winning toys to get kids and families to "Move. Think. Play".

Founded by designers Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams to promote active play for people of all ages, OgoSport has developed and launched countless outdoor and construction-oriented toys like their popular OgoDisc (featured in the Smurfs movie) and their new OgoBILD Animate, stop-motion animation kit. Over the past few years, OgoSport has expanded to over 2,000 stores in the US and 40+ countries across the globe.

In addition to growing a loyal following of consumers who share in the company's open play philosophy, OgoSport products have also won the attention of the toy industry with awards such as the Parents Choice Award, TillyWig Awards, Dr. Toy Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council, The National Parenting Center Award, and NAPPA Award.

About OgoSport

From award-winning classics like the Super SportsDisk to newer creations like OGOBILD, we don't just design toys or sporting goods - we design something more...We design active play for all ages. We design endless hours of fun for your children. And hours of fun with your children.

OgoSport was founded in 2004 by a duo of accomplished designers from world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. Our talented roster of creators formed the company to question the current direction of play, and these inquires have inspired us to seek new directions in product development.

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